Innovative products are ever more penetrating into our daily lives. No matter how fast the technology grows, there is always scope for more. In2Em defines, designs and delivers products based on Linux, Android, Microcontrollers, 802.15.4/Zigbee and other wireless/network stacks to cater innovative requirements of Home Automation, Industrial Automation, HVAC, Surveillance, Hospitality, Health and Educational sectors.

In2Em specializes in embedded product design and development. Our core competencies is to create products such as Data Collector, Data Logger, Industrial Meter, Home Automation, I/O Controller, Device Server, Wireless based Switches/Controllers (ZigBee/Custom Protocols)...etc.

You let us know what you want to create, and we take care of the rest. From Industrial design, Hardware engineering, Firmware development and even Manufacturing -- we've got you covered.

Our Procedure

In2Em's Procedure from your Idea to the End product is as follows:

  1. Requirement Gathering: We take a note of the expectations from the product to be developed, from complete list of features and functions, the operating conditions including but not limited to the look and feel of the desired end product.
  2. Design: Our team collectively designs the hardware and Firmware that is rugged and operated in tough and extreme environments based on its application. The design team proposes multiple iterations to meet the final User Interface, Exterior design, Mechanical and Electrical design. The product is designed keeping in mind the universal appeal and aesthetics.
  3. Product Prototype: Once the design is finalized the Prototype/Sample is developed.
  4. Prototype Acceptance: The Prototype/Sample is tested for user/client acceptance and tested in environments of practical application.
  5. Manufacturing: The product is sent for manufacturing after it gets the go ahead.
Why In2Em

In2Em has the team to design the PCB, the component layout and to write the firmware for your products to be created. For the Exterior design, Mechanical Engineering and the Manufacturing, In2Em has collaboration with third parties who have solid reputation in producing robust industrial products and consumer goods.

To put in simple words In2Em has it all covered from your concept of the product to the delivery of the actual product.