With the availability of open source Linux/Android for mobiles platforms, there has been significant drive among the OEM community to customize Android for other embedded platforms such as netbooks, set-top boxes, car dashboards and others. The advantage of making Android available to multiple device platforms would mean that an application developed for one device could easily be made available for another platform with minimal porting needs.

Why In2Em

Experts at In2Em Systems are capable of porting different operating systems to the newly developed embedded product. Our comprehensive hardware and software knowledge coupled with years of experience in the design and deployment of embedded products are best utilized to integrate porting across diverse architectures.

In2Em development team is well versed with the porting needs of Linux/Android of various hardware platforms like ARM, MIPS and x86. The porting services provided by In2Em are listed below:

Our Offering
  • Initializing services
  • Configuration
  • Customization of UI
  • Porting Linux/Android to custom hardware
  • Creating an Linux/Android kernel
  • Device support: input, display, network